Custom Tanning Information

Why Sunless Tanning?

We are now aware of the sun’s harmful effects and damage to our skin. As a result, more and more people are opting for UV free sunless tanning. In under 20 minutes you can have a safe and beautiful tan, achieving the same results as countless days in the sun, without the wrinkles and cancer.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

It is best to lightly exfoliate your skin and shave/wax prior to the appointment. Use a nongreasy scrub like DermaDoctor KP Duty Body Scrub. This promotes even coverage and lengthens the duration of your tan by removing dead skin that would otherwise flake off.

Do not wear makeup, moisturizer, deodorant, lotions, etc. which can act as a barrier to the spray and stops the process from working properly. While not necessary, wearing flip flops and dark, loose fitting clothing and undergarments to your appointment is VERY helpful.




What do I need to do after the session?

1. Wait at least 12 hours before showering, exercising, or using a pool. (don’t get caught in the rain after!!) Most importantly, moisturize morning and evening on a daily basis after your first shower.

2. Avoid Dove soap and moisturizers containing AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), retinols, and lactic acid. Also avoid exfoliating and long hot showers and baths~ excessive cleansing can dull the affects. Chlorine in pools and hot tubs can decrease the longevity of your tan too.

3. Learn to accept a compliment - you will be getting plenty of them after your tan. Everyone will let you know how beautiful and glowing you look 😉

For best results, use a tan extender with DHA, which is available for purchase at the time of your appointment.

What do I wear during the session?

You can choose to be dressed (or not)~ most clients go in the buff, but disposable bottoms are provided if desired. A disposable hair cap will also be provided. The topical bronzer may rub off on clothing but it will wash out of most fabrics.


How long does it last?

The tan lasts between 5-9 days, but it really depends on your skin type and how well you moisturize after. However,this can be extended by using a tan extender containing DHA, which will prolong the tan. Tan extenders are available for purchase at the time of your appointment.

What is the solution and how does it work?

The FDA approved dihydroxyaceton (DHA) reacts with the amino acids in the outermost layer of the skin. When DHA is combined with the amino acids in your skin, it reacts by giving your skin a tan appearance. Allergic reactions are rare, but consult with your physician before your appointment should you have any concerns. If you are pregnant, please have your physician approve.

The solution used during your session is customized based on your skin tone and your desired color intensity. In addition, our solutions contain a bronzer, a temporary coloring agent, which washes off leaving behind your sunless tan. It takes approximately 12 hours after the session for the solution to fully tan your skin.